Made my day

Its 7:00 am in the morning and cold december wind is on the run. me papa and bulbul are waiting in the car for the bus to come while RedFM 93.5  is on. So we pass our time eating peanuts and listen to what Bauaa has to say today…..its then you hear that magical line,

“Heelo unkil mein bauaa bol leyan hun.”                                                                  (translate-Hello uncle, Bauaa speaking.)

Who is he? perhaps a kid who loves to tease people but is definitely witty, mischievous and sarcastic and cannot fail to make you laugh.

     pic courtesy-wikipedia

Let me say he is the best companion you have in times of getting stuck in traffic or when you want to divert your mind off the physics test the next day.  

Weather , exams , break ups, festivals, current affairs  ‘Bauaa’ has a say in all. Clever riddles that turn out to be silly is the ‘Bauaa’ language. Testing the patience of people through nonsensical jokes is his way that makes my day.









Rajmata Gayatri Devi

“I learnt style from my mother; she taught me all about style – she was one of the most fashionable, most independent and most modern Maharanis yet she always insisted ‘she was ordinary”. -Gayatri Devi

Vogue describes her as one of the most beautiful women in the world . Epitome for grace, effortless style, glows like moonshine, are some of the ways I can broadly describe her. Born as Princess Gayatri Devi of Cooch Behar, married to Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II of Jaipur. She is one of the most prominent maharanis in the history of Jaipur. Known as a public figure and lady of style,She was also a beautiful combination of delicate and bold

So let’s begin by talking about how she effortlessly established herself as a style icon.


Yes, Yes we all see she wore feather light,pastel coloured chiffon saris .Some were sequined , some were floral and some just solid colours . Her style was modest and elegant . Her blouses were a thing of simplicity and beauty, they were sleeved yet they were made interesting with different sleeves and necklines.





Her love for polo was inevitable through her riding tights and jodhpurs (riding pants flared at top, tapered at bottom). Several times she wore high waisted flared trousers with a sleeved tunic or collared shirts and often paired trench coats with sari.

Maharani Gayatri Devi on her horse (1)



There was one common thing other than elegance between her and jackie Kennedy onassis , it was a pearl necklace ! She imbibed in us that pearls can never go wrong with a sari and boy! it became a must have look for every woman in period . To this day it remains a classic.


A red or a coral lip and shaped eyebrows were her go to. She kept her beautiful almond eyes bare and never went overboard to make her facial features stand out.



As expected as rani she never kept her hair long and was away from detailed hairstyles like buns or braids. Instead her hair was softly brushed back and throughout the length waved . Instead of securing the hair, She preferred to let it loose. A bob or shoulder length was her signature hairstyle.



All in all she was effortless no matter what , never made it look like a big task. She stood out by unknowingly making a statement and kept it just right. Remember, Poise and confidence always count.


Style comes naturally to me. I guess, you’re just born with it.

-Gayatri devi

Old Is Gold

The good ol times are always fascinating to me. It can be music, movies, posters, clothing, accessories etc .

Basically, anything vintage makes me excited.

tenor (1)

It’s just the air I feel and a warmth that rushes in me when I think of Raj and Nargis from Awara , Gabbar in Sholay , the tunes of the beautiful song  Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si  and my sweetheart Sadhna.

You become nostalgic when you think of Mumtaz in her orange sari,  Amitabh Bacchan in Bell bottoms , Sadhna’s haircut and the Dream Girl Hema Malini. Hey!! and Not only Indian , who can forget Audrey Hepburn ,Twiggy……….or The Beatles themselves.

As an admirer of vintage time , in school it felt very secluded as a teenager , because most of the my generation (excludinga few) were completely unaware of the Beautiful past.

And that things, 

1486721642_150006303256589d91844a13f (1)




Break done to death stereotypes. Its furious to see people wearing wrong in a themed party! or when people think that only Big polka dots, exaggerated bell bottoms and winged liner is so retro ( Give me a break) OR if want to be an indian heroine then just  wear a sari and make two side plaits.


and Convey “OLD IS GOLD”. Well it’s true. Thinking of vintage as only ‘old fashioned‘ is making it a long lost forgotten thing. It is important to embrace our forefathers past because guys they they were cool as well.



           So, feed your soul and I hope you find the same warmth that our previous                     generations got. Until then,

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the world plays a race every time

don’t ignore yourself, you will be fine ,

Beings might come and forget you soon,

but that should never invite your doom

you might struggle and get tired ,

believe me you will get higher,

you need the mud and water to grow

the grass will be green once you plough .

patience , relax your mind

you lag behind, or may fall

buckle up and rise from low

Lotus fight for the glow.



Lizards and snakes roam free

in this roaring summer spree.

The Mysterious Land speaks a lot,

to the woman carrying earthen pot.

When the sky above is blue,

and down there is the yellow hue.

sand shifted by rapacious wind hits me with a blast ,or do i see an oasis at last.

The Mysterious Land teaches a lot,

and how it opens every knot.

It says “I fooled you”, a mirage you saw,

enjoy the serenity now.

All I seize is tranquility,

The Mysterious Land do help me.